Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Discoveries I Made In 2019

I honestly don't think that I can say that I made many discoveries in 2019 that are bookish related. I also just woke up and I'm working on my first cup of coffee. So I may feel differently about this later along the line.

These are basically all the bookish things that I discovered in 2019. Please, let's discuss all of the things you discovered and if we have any similarities!


I used to be one of those people who thought that if an abled person used audiobooks and counted it as reading, were cheating. I have since changed my stance on this when I listened to my first audiobook. Audiobooks have changed the game. I technically read my first audiobook in 2018, but 2019 is when I constantly listened to them. I went from reading 58 books in 2018 to 76 in 2019. I'm so grateful for audiobooks.

Romance Is Okay!

I used to be ashamed to read romance. I wouldn't talk to anyone about the books I read that had romance. I would feel so embarrassed about the books that I loved. In 2019, I decided that I'm not going to let myself feel bad for the books that I like to read. Luckily, the genre seemed to gain more readers in 2019 so I feel like I'm not the only one that felt that.

Young Adult Contemporary Is Not For Me

I've come to the conclusion that YA contemporary/romance is not for me. It's not that I'm going to stop reading them in general. I just unhauled a bunch that I knew I was no longer interested in. I will only pick one up if it really interests me. I most likely won't be picking up a romance centered YA book anymore because it just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Two New Favorite Booktubers

The two booktubers that I'm going to talk about are the main reasons why I finally felt comfortable with romance books. Chelsea and Chandler are freaking amazing. I love them both so much. My favorite thing about them is that they vlog. I love reading vlogs.



I Don't Have To Read What You Are Reading

I constantly felt like I had to read what everyone else is reading. I no longer really go out of my way to constantly buy books that everyone is reading. I kinda just wait until I stumble across the book. I ended up buying like 3-4 in the last months of the year that I found on my own. I didn't see anyone else recommend them. I'm trying to stay in this mindset!


  1. I absolutely love this post. It is so encouraging. I discovered audiobooks just this last month, and I totally agree! Your romance point is spot on as well. Not just romance for me, but reading YA and being in my 30s was hard for me. I just have to accept that I like what I like! Thank you for the new booktuber references!

  2. I love your post and love the honesty in it. Over the past year, I've had to acknowledge my own changing genre tastes so its nice to see it's not just me. I also worried and wondered about myself a little when I first started being on bookstagram and noticed I didn't usually read what others were reading. I remember making a comment about it to my father, who said it was a good thing because basically who wants everything to be the same? My posts will be for those who want something a little bit different. I found his words rather encouraging.