Monday, March 9, 2020

Crescent City #2 THEORIES!

I finished House of Earth and Blood yesterday. I have some theories about what may go down in book #2! Please do not read my theories if you have not read House of Earth and Blood as these may contain major spoilers.

Do you have any theories??

  • Jesiba is Hunt's mother. This is my main suspicion. On the last page of the book, Jesiba and Aidas are having a conversation about Hunt and Bryce. Aidas says that Hunt's father would be proud and that Jesiba could feel free to agree or disagree since she knew the male best. Meaning that Jesiba must have known Hunt's father very well. I know that Hunt stated that his mother was murdered in a home robbery, but I feel like there was more to his mother than even he knew. Hunt has lightening power. A power that seems to be extremely rare. A power that might have been gifted to him from having a sorceress as a mother? Why wouldn't Hunt recognize his own mother? She's a sorceress and is probably hiding what she truly looks like. At least, that's what I think she might be doing
  • I'm not entirely sure who Hunt's father is. We didn't get much information about him. I can't remember if it was stated if he died or just left. Something, way in the back of my mind, is telling me Pollux. I just don't really see it though because at the Summit, there was not indication that Pollux knew Jesiba. But that could also tie into my theory that Jesiba is cloaking her appearance.
  • Obviously, some big shit is going to go down with Pollux. I'm not sure what but what I am sure about is he's gonna want to take Sandriel's place.
  • The Oracle telling Hunt to stay away from Bryce. After reading what happens in book one, I feel like something else bad is going to happen to Hunt. I have a really bad feeling about what she told him and I feel like HOEAB wasn't all the pain he's gonna receive.
  • I don't feel like we're done with Danika. I feel as if Bryce is going to find a way to constantly contact her. She loves her too much for that to be it. Also, I think Sabine is going to become a strong ally. She'll see that Bryce isn't bad. She'll see that Bryce really loved Danika and would have done anything for her.
  • Overthrowing the Autumn King. I hope Bryce kicks his ass and takes his position. Everyone knows she has more power than him and I feel like he's not gonna like that and fight against her. Maybe even side with Pollux??
  • Hunt and Bryce are finally going to get it on with no disruptions. Probably like half-way through the second book since they can't seem to ignore anyone bothering them.

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